A Beechcraft B200 Super King Air serial number BB-797. White with blue and gold stripes.[1][2]This aircraft has changed registrations several times.

The Hunted
  • Short Walk To Freedom (episode) - Caitlin flies this aircraft to bring her party to the archaeological dig. Later Marella uses it to pick up the party after they have escaped from the bandits.
King Air-short walk to freedom

Under fire from Cuban MiGs, Marella does a running pick up of her passengers towards the end of the episode.


A Beechcraft B200 Super King Air serial number BB-586. White with black and two red stripes. [3]This aircraft has since changed registrations several times.

  • Random Target (episode) = Crime boss Kenneth Langhorn arrives in the U.S. in this aircraft, landing in a remote desert strip. He had been in hiding overseas. Later, he attempts to leave in the same aircraft but Airwolf holds him up until the police arrive.
Kingair-random target


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