Member of F.I.R.M. Committee
Bingham-airwolf II
Bingham, in Zeus' office. She is trying to help Zeus persuade Archangel to help the F.I.R.M.
First appearance Airwolf II (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance
Portrayed by Lillian Lehman
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender Female
Occupation Federal Civil Servant
Title *
Status *
Nationality American

Bingham is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 3 episode titled "Airwolf II".


Bingham (her first name is unknown) is a member of the F.I.R.M. Committee. She is present when the Committee confronts Archangel and Zeus fires him because they now have Redwolf. However, Redwolf's test pilot Harlan "Tex" Jenkins steals his own helicopter. Zeus has no choice but to turn to Archangel again. Bingham and a few other Committee members are there with Zeus to help persuade Archangel to use Airwolf to either retrieve Redwolf or destroy it. While Bingham's position in the F.I.R.M. is not specified, her presence with Zeus at this second meeting suggests that she is one of the more senior members of the committee.

Portrayed By

Bingham is played by Lillian Lehman.[1]


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