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A mission flying an antique Sikorsky to Acapulco brought Dominic Santini together with a young stowaway Phoebe Danner (Shannen Doherty). A bomb made the Sikorsky crash in Baja California, setting a trap for Airwolf, by someone trying to take over Archangel's position in the F.I.R.M

Archangel acted as Engineer on this mission, when Airwolf was hit in the tail. The strike bent the rotor in Mexico. Hawke and Archangel repaired it at one of the salt mines, before returning Dominic and Phoebe to cover while flying the repaired Sikorsky.

Later on we see Phoebe and her father reunited at Stringfellow's cabin.

Pheobe thanks Dominic, but we see Laura and Archangel giving Dominic the information on the search.[1]

Guest Stars

  • Scott Hylands as Mitchell Bruck
  • Shannen Doherty as Phoebe Danner[2]
  • Rafael Campos as Joachim Santos
  • Ruth Britt as Miriam Santos
  • Julio Medina as Colonel Arturo Arias
  • Herb Armstrong as Soldier Callan
  • Ron Stein as Betz

Story Locations

  • Sonoran Desert, Mexico

Professional Recognition

  • Youth in Film Awards - 1985
    • Best Performance by a Young Actress (Nomination) - Shannen Doherty[3]



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