Appearances on Airwolf

Season 1

PT17-echoes from the past

Peter MacGregor Moore waiting by his PT-17 at the rendezvous with Hawke.

Stearman-to snare a wolf

Antonia's Stearman on the ground. Dominc's JetRanger is approaching because he has picked up her "Mayday" call.

Season 2

PT17-sweet britches
PT17-the truth about holly

Hawke working on the Stearman engine. Notice Santini Air has a bowser--in the background, slightly blurred.

  • Natural Born (episode) - red Stearman belonging to Santini Air. The Santini crew are working on the plane when Kevin Hansen approaches them. Caitlin and Hawke take pity on him and persuades Dominic to give him a job.
PT17-natural born

The Santini crew all working on the Stearman.

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