Congressman Solly
Congressman, guest at Darius's casino in St. Remo
Solly-sins of the past
Solly (Michael Keep, center right) with his girl (Suzanne La Rusch, the blond in blue left of him). To their left is casino owner Jason Darius.
First appearance Sins of The Past (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance.
Portrayed by Michael Keep
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender male
Occupation politician
Title Congressman
Status Alive at the end of the episode. He left the casino before it was blown up.
Nationality American

Congressman Solly is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Sins of The Past".


Jason Darius has opened a new casino on the island of St. Remo and has invited many guests to the grand opening. Among them is Congressman Solly, who comes accompanied by his girlfriend (unnamed, played by Suzanne La Rusch). Darius probably counts Solly as one of his influential friends on the mainland. He says he hopes Solly will tell his friends about his casino, which is the ideal setup, with no cameras, no watchdog committees or other complications.

Solly enjoys himself gaming at the tables with his girlfriend but leaves the building when Airwolf shows up to order everyone to clear out before blowing it up with its rockets.

The credits only list the character as "Solly". During the episode, Jason Darius addresses him as "Congressman". It is not clear if Solly is his first name or his last name. But his girlfriend calls him "Solly", which suggests that it might be his first name.

Portrayed By

Congressman Solly is played by Michael Keep[1]


  1. IMDB entry for Michael Keep.

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