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Hawke goes undercover as an exchange pilot after the F.I.R.M learns someone in the Air Force is plotting to steal a tactical jet for the Soviets. But Hawke is soon torn between duty and friendship when he learns the traitor is a former Vietnam comrade hoping to rescue his son held captive by the Russians, and his friend's wife is an old girlfriend

Story Locations

  • Ho Chi Minh City [1]
  • Omrylkot, U.S.S.R. [2] [3]

Research Notes

  • The aircraft used in the show is, surprisingly, a heavily upgraded Lockheed T-33 jet trainer which was marketed by the Skyfox Corporation (later bought over by Boeing). It looks ultra modern but actually retains more than 70% of the venerable T-33 airframe. Only one such prototype was produced and the project was cancelled as there were no buyers.[4]
  • Marella appeared in the pilot but this is her first appearance as one of Archangel's white suited aides.
  • Marella reveals that she hasn't met Dominic.

Professional Recognition

  • Youth in Film Awards - 1985
    • Best Performance by a Young Actor (Nomination) - Chad Allen[5]



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