Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Season 2

Combat master-fallen angel

Nice close-up of the Combat Master in Hawke's left hand. Maria von Furster is to his right and holding up Archangel with her gun. Hawke is preparing to shoot her.

  • Once a Hero (episode) - this is Hawke's sidearm during the rescue mission. Earlier on he was shown holding an M16 but during the firefight itself, he switched to his sidearm.
Combat Master-once a hero

Pinned down by camp guards during a firefight, Hawke summons Dominic in Airwolf for support, thus giving us this lovely close-up of his Combat Master.

Combat Master-inn at the end of the road

Hawke with the Combat Master in "Inn at the End of the Road.

Season 3

Caitlin combat master-horn of plenty

Caitlin with the Combat Master. She had used a M1911A1 earlier in the episode.

Hawke-combat master-horn of plenty

Hawke with the Combat Master at the end of the episode. He had been brainwashed while in civilian clothes. Where did the weapon come from?

  • Jennie (episode) - Hawke and Caitlin use it during the firefight at Santa Teresa. Actually Caitlin also had a Micro Uzi but we don't know why she doesn't use it.
Combat master-Caitlin-jennie

Caitlin with her Combat Master during the firefight at Santa Teresa.

Combat master-jennie

Hawke with his Combat Master during the firefight at Santa Teresa. His weapon is supprressed because he had used it during the raid on the enemy camp to rescue Jason Keith.

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