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Appearances on Airwolf episodes

  • HX-1 (episode) - Hawke uses one to hold up Dunkirk and his gang of mercenaries in their secret hangar.
Score master-hx1

Hawke points his Score Master at Dunkirk and his gang.

  • Flight 093 is Missing (episode) - Hawke uses one to engage Hergos and Joskins on their boat to stop them from dropping depth charges on the airliner which had sunk with Caitlin and the other survivors to the bottom of the sea. At this point, Airwolf's other weapons systems has been disabled by a near miss from a FIM-43 Redeye missile fired by Hergos.
Score Master-flight 093 is missing

Hawke shoots at Hergos and Joskins from Airwolf with his Score Master.

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