Actress who tries to chat up Dominic
Dolores-Santinis millions
Pamela Bowman as Dolores in Santini's Millions (episode).
First appearance Santini's Millions (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance.
Portrayed by Pamela Bowman
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender female
Occupation actress
Title *
Status *
Nationality American

Dolores is a character who makes a brief one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Santin's Million".


Dolores is an actress at one of the filming locations where Dominic is providing some helicopter stunt flying. By this time everybody has heard about Dominic inheriting a fortune from Carl Barron. Dolores is no different and comes up to Dominic during a break to chat him up, offering him "the key to her chains".

Portrayed By

Pamela Bowman is played by Pamela Bowman.[1]


  1. Imdb entry for Pamela Bowman

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