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Plot synopsis

Ex-U.S. General Sandower, an extremist, has established a launch pad and support facility at an abandoned desert mining complex. He plans to launch his own personal nuclear missile toward Moscow, with the help of a small private army and launch crew he has organized. As Sandower begins his brief countdown to lift-off, Hawke must use Airwolf to abort the start of World War III. Unfortunately, Hawke's sole aide is a fumbling drunk with a fear of flying. They roar toward the site in Airwolf, hoping desperately to destroy the missile before it gets too far away to be stopped.[1]

Episode summary

(spoiler alert - click on expand to read)

work in progress

Story locations

Aircraft seen

  • Airwolf
  • Hughes 369D - belonging to General Sandower's private army
  • F-4 Phantom - seen during a flashback in Hawke's mind to the Vietnam war

Firearms seen

  • Ruger AC556K - used by some of General Sandower's troops. Hawke captures one and uses it during their escape.
  • M16 - used by some of General Sandower's troops. Dominic captures one and uses it during their escape. Also by US troops during flashback to Vietnam War.
  • M60 machine gun - mounted on a jeep belonging to General Sandower's private army.
  • M1911A1 - Hawke fires during one of his flashbacks to the Vietnam War.

Professional recognition

  • Emmy® Nomination: Outstanding Film Sound Editing for a Series - 1985
Barney Cabral, ADR Editor; Gene Corso, Sound Editor; Gene Gillette, Music Editor; Donlee Jorgensen, Sound Editor; Gary Mundheim, Sound Editor; John Newlan, Sound Editor; Michael D. Wilhoit, Supervising Sound Editor; Ascher Yates, Sound Editor [2]

Research notes

Guest stars/Recurring cast




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