Appearances on Airwolf

  • HX-1 (episode) - with a shortened barrel to mimic an MP5 sub-machine gun. Used by Joe Ganns for practice at a shooting range.
Joe Ganns-hx1

Mercenary Joe Ganns with the "fake" MP5. Note he has removed the magazine.

  • Fortune Teller (episode) - widely used in this episode. The F.I.R.M. security men at Roberts' lab are armed with it. Stoner's men use it during their raid on the lab to kidnap Roberts. The F.I.R.M.'s Zebra squad uses it during their assault on Scotty's Keep.
Firm security-HK94-fortune teller

Nice view of the HK-94s on two F.I.R.M. security men. The absence of the paddle magazine release and the muzzle show these are not real MP5s.

Stoners men-HK94-fortune teller

Close up of the HK-94 held by one of Stoner's men during their raid on Roberts' lab.

Zebra-HK94-fortune teller

F.I.R.M. Zebra squad troops prepare to rappel down from a UH-1B armed with HK-94s cut down to simulate MP5s. A flight crew provides covering fire.

  • Jennie (episode) - with a shortened barrel to mimic an MP5 sub-machine gun and fitted with a suppressor. Used by El Gato during the raid to rescue Jason Keith.
El Gato-jennie

El Gato in action with the HK-94. The absence of the paddle magazine release shows it is not a real MP5.

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