Laurie-flight 93 is missing
Lynn Herring as the accountant who likes things tidy.
First appearance Flight 093 is Missing (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance.
Portrayed by Lynn Herring
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender Female
Occupation Accountant
Status did she ever get to finish Hawke's taxes?
Nationality American

Laurie is an accountant whom Dominic sent to do Hawke's taxes and who provides a short romantic interlude for him in the Season 2 episode titled "Flight 093 is Missing".


Dominic and Hawke have set Caitlin off to attend her sister's wedding. This leaves them free to attend to some urgent matters--their tax returns. Dominic's accountant sends Laurie, a "special accountant" to help String file his taxes. According to Dominic, she's "somebody good with puzzles."

Laurie and Hawke meet at the cabin. She tells him she is in accountant because it is a neat, organised and uncomplicated profession. But there's nothing uncomplicated with Hawke's returns. She has to cross out lots of items. Hawke wants to claim dry cleaning of his clothes as a business deduction because he says a customer puked on his pants while flying. After a while she tells him she needs a break and asks for a drink. Hawke offers her coffee, tea or juice but she asks for vodka. Hawke makes her the drink and sit down with her. They are about to get better acquainted but it doesn't work that way because Dominic soon comes in with pizzas!


Laurie with Hawke-flight 093 is missing

Laurie enjoying a private moment with Hawke. She had volunteered for the assignment at short notice and seems remarkably well dressed for an accounting session. Anyway whatever she had planned will soon be interrupted by pizzas.

Portrayed By

Laurie is played by Lynn Herring[1]


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