Season 1: 1984

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Title Ep.# Airdate Director Writer
Shadow of The Hawke 1x01 1984-01-22 Donald P. Bellisario Donald P. Bellisario
Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n 1x02 1984-01-22 Donald P. Bellisario Donald P. Bellisario
Bite of The Jackal 1x03 1984-01-28 Virgil W. Vogel Burton Armus
Proof Through The Night 1x04 1984-02-04 Alan J. Levi Nicholas Corea
One Way Express 1x05 1984-02-11 Harvey Laidman Clyde Ware
Echoes From The Past 1x06 1984-02-18 Alan J. Levi Burton Armus
Echoes From The Past 1x07 1984-03-03 Harvey Laidman C. R. O'Christopher
Mad Over Miami 1x08 1984-03-10 Stephen Dollinger Burton Armus
And They Are Us 1x09 1984-03-24 David Hemmings Joseph Gunn
Mind of The Machine 1x10 1984-03-31 Nicholas Corea Nicholas Corea
To Snare A Wolf 1x11 1984-04-07 Ivan Dixon T.S. Cook
Season One 1x12 1984-04-14 Alan J. Levi Louis F. Vipperman

Season 2:

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Title Ep.# Airdate Director Writer
Sweet Britches 2x01 9/22/1984 [1] Alan J. Levi Donald P. Bellisario
Firestorm [2] 2X02 9/29/1984 Ray Austin Calvin Clements, Jr.



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