Appearances on Airwolf episodes

M60-mind of the machine

FIRM security guards open fire on Alexi Provov's attacking Hughes 500 with their M60.

  • Firestorm (episode) - seen mounted on one of General Sandower's jeeps. Dominic and Eddie steal the jeep during their escape from Sandower's missile base.

Nice profile view of the M60 mounted on a jeep.

  • HX-1 (episode) - seen during the arms display which Dunkirk puts up for potential customers at Red Rock Flats.
Arms display 1-hx1

The M60 is on the ground in front of the table.

M60-natural born

Best available view of the M60. The man in the center is about to pass the M60 to Jake (left) who wants to shoot Kevin Hansen down.

  • Jennie (episode) - Colonel Ross uses one of these, hand held. Earlier, a sentry in the camp was holding one.

Colonel Ross fires the M60 at the escaping Hawke, Keith and El Gato.

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