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Mad Over Miami was the eighth episode of Airwolf season 1. It first aired on March 24, 1984.

This episode is notable for being directed by David Hemmings, who played Charles Henry Moffett.[1]


Airwolf Behind the Scenes. Peter McKernan Sr. Interview JetCopters Inc

Airwolf Behind the Scenes. Peter McKernan Sr. Interview JetCopters Inc.


Dominic accepts a hush-hush mission sponsored by refugee Cubans to ransom two political prisoners in exchange for two million dollars. He has been chosen for the flight because the prisoners had worked with him in his younger days and were people he could recognise. But during the exchange: the money is hijacked, the prisoners returned to captivity and a frustrated Dominic returns to Florida minus the ransom money and the prisoners. Things get rapidly more complicated. Dominic runs out of fuel on his way home and force lands. Hawke has to fly through a hurricane to look for him. The Cuban refugees think he has cheated them, and it turns out the hijacker of the money is the leader of a group of rebels bankrolled by Archangel!

Episode summary

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Story locations

  • Cuba
  • Somewhere in Florida
    • residence of Ivan Rivera
    • cocktail bar
  • Sanchez's base in the Florida Keys
Cocktail bar-mad over miami

This cocktail bar features strongly in the plot but unfortunately we don't know the name or its location.

Aircraft seen

Firearms seen

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