Cook in the mess of the South Limbawe Helicopter Squadron
Mamma 2-and they are us
Betty Cole as "Mamma", cook and Colonel Vidor's confidant.
First appearance And They Are Us (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance.
Portrayed by betty Cole
Nickname(s) Mamma might be her nickname
Aliases *
Gender Female
Occupation Cook
Title *
Status *
Nationality South Limbawean

Mamma is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled And They Are Us (episode).


"Mamma" is the cook in the pilot's mess of Colonel Vidor's helicopter squadron. When Vidor tires of the boisterous young pilots under his command, he retreats to the kitchen to unload to Mamma. He tells her he has second thoughts about what he is doing. Perhaps it is time to stop and "write his memoirs". He does not really like what he is doing. he has to lead pilots who are not precisely his comrades. He laughs when he refers to them as "men". At the same time, he has to kill "brave, brave kids". The warfare he was engaged in is "high-tech slaughter" and not the pure one-on-one air combat which he craves.

Mamma listens quietly but, like every good counselor, she knows that whatever she says isn't going to help. She does the next best thing--offer Vidor a cup of tea.

Mamma-and they are us

Colonel Vidor unloading his frustrations to Mamma. Note the really interesting period stove in the background.

Portrayed By

Mamma is played by Betty Cole[1]


  1. Imdb entry for Betty Cole.

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