Appearances on Airwolf episodes

Micro uzi-mad over miami

Stella points the Uzi at Dominic. Notice her trigger finger is actually behind the trigger.

  • And They Are Us (episode) - Dominic uses one. This is seen just after Hawke has fired Airwolf's guns at a sniper on the ground and they run after him in pursuit. They get to where the sniper dropped his rifle but by then he had run out of the range of the Uzi.
Micro uzi-and they are us

Dominic handles the Micro Uzi. They have just driven off a sniper.

Hawke-Micro Uzi-the truth about Holly

Hawke with the Micro Uzi. It is only ever seen in shadow as this is a night raid.

Stern-micro uzi

The strange thing is, when Karl boarded the truck, he was holding a full sized Uzi. Now it has become a Micro Uzi.

  • Jennie (episode) - Caitlin and Dominic have a pair of these but don't use them. During the firefight at Santa Teresa, Dominic uses his M1911 and Caitlin her Detonics Combat Master.
Micro Uzi-jennie

Caitlin is cleaning a Micro Uzi while she and Dominic wait at the rendezvous for Hawke.

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