Mechanic who helps to repair Airwolf
Miguel-short walk to freedom
Ricardo Lopez as Miguel, the talented mechanic who impresses Caitlin.
First appearance Short Walk To Freedom (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance.
Portrayed by Ricardo Lopez
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender Male
Occupation Mechanic
Nationality Latin American, local of Quinzumel

Miguel is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled Short Walk To Freedom (episode).


When Caitlin and her party of students arrive at the remote airstrip on their way to the Mayan archaeological dig in Quinzumel, they find that their bus is an ancient wreck and the local mechanic, Miguel, is manually forging parts for it. Everything looks very makeshift and crude. But Caitlin, who is a mechanic herself, is impressed by Miguel's skills.

Miguel also tells the party that the route to the Mayan temples is no place for a breakdown because of guerillas in the area. The guide Chema Comargo tries to make light of the danger, but Miguel tells them Colonel Arturo Alzar is no ordinary guerilla. Across the Toneopah region, more and more people have been joining him because he says he is anti-American.

True enough, Caitlin and her party are kidnapped by Colonel Alzar. When Airwolf rescues them but during the egress, the rotor head is hit by a bazooka rocket. Dominic is forced to put down on the dry lake bed of Lake Toneopah, a scorching hot wilderness which the locals call "The Oven of the gods". Caitlin expects that Alzar will come looking for them, but she has an idea. If Miguel could get a wreck of a bus moving, he might just have the skills to fix Airwolf. All they have to do is haul the helicopter manually across the dry lake bed to the village where Miguel is.

Miguel 2-sweet walk to freedom

The condition of the bus is quite alarming but Caitlin is impressed to see Miguel manually forging spare parts for it.

Repairing airwolf-short walk to freedom

Miguel in the yellow cap working on the rotor. Notice Caitlin is, as usual, very good at getting everyone involved. Jonathan, the brainy one, is helping with the rotor. But even Kay is pitching in, helping to clena the windscreen.

Portrayed By

Miguel is played by Ricardo Lopez[1]


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