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Airwolf's systems begin to act erratically when a strange virus infects the on-board computer which periodically seizes auto pilot control and turns the helicopter into a flying terror of destruction. Hawke and Santini discover the virus is a trap originally planted by Airwolf's designer, Dr. Moffet, and programmed to unleash itself at a specific time unless the proper override code is entered. Hawke and Santini must make the decision to allow the F.I.R.M.'s engineers access to fix the helicopter and risk them trying to seize the aircraft, or deal with the virus themselves. They contact Dr. Karen Hanson, an electronics expert, to troubleshoot the guidance system. Dr. Hanson discovers that a computerized version of Moffett's vengeful ghost is the source of the problem, but the solution seems beyond her mind and experience. [1]

Research notesEdit

  • This is the second episode wherein Airwolf, with Moffet jamming its controls, climbs to an altitude of at least 80,000 feet (the first time this was accomplished was in the season one episode "Fight Like a Dove" during a test flight by Hawke and Santini).

Story LocationsEdit

  • Siberia (Bering Sea)
  • Valley of the Gods



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