A lab in Sverdlovsk, U.S.S.R

(Shows a serum being used)

(Some Russian speaking)

Scientist: Nyet!

(Rostoff leaves)

Hawke's Cabin

Archangel: You may be his only hope for escape.

Hawke: Do we have other options?

Marella: Of course. We can always invade Russia.

Archangel: Moses will make his way to that hunting cabin. it's in a remote section of the Urals, about 90 kilometres east of Sverdlovsk. Marella will give you precise coordinates for Airwolf's computer.

Hawke: Moses?

Marella: If you would read the dossier, Stringfellow, instead of just looking at all the pretty pictures, You would know that Vladimir Rostoff's codename is Moses.

(Tet wines)

Hawke: Cute.

Marella: Thank you!

Archangel: I don't think either of you realises the seriousness of this situation.

Marella: Yes-

Archangel: If Moses has blown his cover after 22 years, it has to be for something big. He's risen higher than we dared hope. Kept us out of at least a dozen small wars, and maybe on a couple of occasions, the big one. And now he's thrown all that away, for whatever it's worth, so you can bet it's going to be for something damned important.

(Hawke takes a photo out of the dossier)

Hawke: Who's this?

Archangel: Natalia and Tanya Rostoff.

Hawke: So he's got a family.

Archangel: He's been there 22 years.

Hawke: I assume you've got a refuelling tanker somewhere in the Norwegian basin.

Archangel: Yes.

Hawke: It's still a 3000 mile round trip through Russian airspace. Airwolf could make it, but not with 5 people.

Archangel: She can if you strip the armament.

Hawke: (Laughs) You're asking me to fly Airwolf into Russia without any guns?

Archangel: It's the only way.

Hawke: It's not exactly like pulling a mole out of easier territory.

Archangel: I told you, he's got something big or he wouldn't be coming out!

Marella: Rostoff is no ordinary agent. On his first assignment, he was decorated for saving the life of a fellow agent when the mission went sour.

Archangel: Marella...

Marella: That agent's name is Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III, codenamed-

Hawke. Archangel.

Archangel: That has nothing to do with it.

Hawke: Of course not.

Archangel: Will you take the mission?

Hawke: The third, huh?

(Marella chuckles)

Archangel: I wouldn't throw stones, Stringfellow.

(Archangel's JetRanger lifts off.)

Archangel's JetRanger

Marella: Sir, could I play devil's advocate for a moment?

Archangel: I encourage you too.

Marella: Well, some of our sister agencies suspect that we are in liaison with Hawke and Airwolf.

Archangel: They haven't been able to prove it.

Marella: No, sir. But you can be sure that if they suspect, so do the Russians. And that this might possibly be an elaborate effort by the Soviets to capture Airwolf.

Archangel: Anything is possible, but it's not very probable.

Marella: I agree, unless one of two things has happened. One, the Soviets have uncovered Moses and are using him, giving him something that he thinks is so important that he has to bring us in to extract him.

Archangel: No. If the KGB uncovered him, they wouldn't risk his slipping away in a rouse to capture Airwolf.

Marella: Two, he's been living is Russia for over 20 years. He's got a wife, daughter, friends...he may have turned.

(Archangel gives Marella an incredulous look.)

Marella: I didn't say you'd like it.

Archangel: I think it stinks.

Marella: Yes, sir.

Archangel: I assume you've run these scenarios of yours through the computer.

Marella: Yes, sir. I took the statistics for all our counter-intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic, covering deep undercover agents. I cross-referenced with those who has turned, and out of the psychological probability of change doe to midlife crisis, sexual promiscuity, children reaching-

Archangel: Dammit Marella, what's the bottom line?

Marella: The odds are 50-50 that Hawke is flying Airwolf into a trap.

Valley of the Gods

Santini: This is the stupidest plan I ever heard. Some Ruskie out hoppin' bear with a bow and arrow could bring us down.

Hawke: He'd have to have armour piercing arrows.

Santini: Aw, you know what I mean.

Hawke: So you don't like the plan.

Santini: I think it stinks.

Hawke: Got a better one?

Santini: You bet! Let's not go at all!

(Santini laughs)

Inside the Lair

Santini: Ah. No matter how many times I see her, she still takes my breath away.

Hawke: Yeah.

(Airwolf starting up)(Music starts)(Airwolf leaving the Lair)(Airwolf howl)

Somewhere in the Baltic Sea

Pilot: 10 bucks it's an SR-71.

Co-Pilot: Harrier Jet.

Pilot: What the hell would we be doing refuelling a Harrier within spitting distance of Russia?

Co-Pilot: I don't know the mission, I just know it's a Harrier. Why else would we be using a straight line refuelling rig?

Pilot: An SR-71 uses a straight line refuelling rig.

Co-Pilot: I didn't know that.

Pilot: That's why you're going to lose 10 bucks.

Crew: Captain, I-I have an aircraft approaching for hook up.

Pilot: What is it?

Crew: Uh, I'd rather not say, sir.

(Airwolf approaches for hook up)

Inside Airwolf

Santini: Uh oh. I got two bogies, Angel 30's, closing fast on the heading of 0-1-5.

Hawke: MIGs?

Santini: MIG 23's. Hey, I thought this was Finland?

Hawke: I don't think the Soviet's pay too much attention to road signs around their borders. Hang on.

(Airwolf drops)(Shots of the MIGs)(Music playing)(Airwolf flying)

Santini: They're directly overhead.

Hawke: Altitude?

Santini: Angel's 30, I'm absorbing 90% of their radar scan. They're retaining altitude. Heading North-east-hey, I don't think they spotted us String.

(Music Playing)(Sun going down)

Santini: Oh! When the sun goes down here it really goes down, huh?

Hawke: Well it come us just as fast. We've got around 8 hours this time of year. Three in, three out and two if it moves or something.

Santini: Uh-uh. Could be less. Those MIG's are descending and coming back. Now why would they do a thing like that?

Hawke: Well Dom, they might have spotted us.

(Shots of the MIG's)(Shot of Airwolf)(Music playing)

Santini: They're climbing, I think they lost us.

(Shot of Airwolf)

Santini: Oh my god, no one can fly blind this low!

Hawke: I know.

Santini: Then pull up!

Hawke: I can't, Russians will pick us up on radar.

Santini: It's better than in little pieces!

(Shot of Airwolf)

Santini: Aw String, this is nuts.

Hawke: Those MIG's gone?

Santini: They're moving off the grid to the North.

Hawke: Turn on my helmet view. It's the CC panel.

(Santini turns it on)

Santini: Mama mia! What is that?

Hawke: SLAS. Star Light Amplification System. It amplifies available light a million times. Turns night into day.

Santini: Ooh, that's great String. But now that the MIG's are gone, can we go up just a little?

Hawke: Yeah, I guess we could ease up a few feet.

Santini: Thank you.

(Shots of Airwolf)

Archangel's JetRanger

Archangel: Well, if they snagged a snowdrift or been run over by a heard of reindeer, they should be approaching that cabin just about now.

Marella: Then one way or another, we should know what is happening soon.

Archangel: We won't, but they will.

(Archangel turns on radio)

Marella: Knightsbridge, this is Angel 1. We are five miles out over the main gate. Request a Jericho approach to the pad?

Knightsbridge: Angel 1? Knightsbridge, approach approved. You are clear to land.

(JetRanger lands)

Inside Airwolf

(Shots of Airwolf)

Santini: According to the computer, we should be within 10 kilometres of the cabin. No wait, you'd better slow down. In 4, 3, 2, 1

(Airwolf's turbo's cut)

Santini: String, I got a heat source 300 meters up at three o'clock, could be human.

Hawke: Give me the lights.

(Airwolf's searchlight turns on)


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