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Production Information

TitleRandom Target
Working TitleRandom Targets
Production Number58813
Season Episode11
First-Run Airdate12/8/1984
DirectorVirgil W. Vogel
Producer Lester Wm. Berke
Screenplay Paul Savage

Chester Krumholz
Westbrook Claridge

Executive Producer Donald P. Bellisario
Supervising ProducerCalvin Clements, Jr.
Director of Photography Stan Lazan
Art Director Gary A. Lee
EditorDrake Silliman
Music Sylvester Levay
Co-Producer Carol Gillson
Associate Producers Leon Ortiz-Gil
Michael Snyder
Carl Vitale
Sound John K. Kean
Sound Editor Michael H. Wilholt
Music Editor Gene L. Gillette
Production Manager Zane Radney
1st AD Ryan Gordon
2nd AD Richard W. Abramitis

James Lansbury

Story Consultant Chester Krumholz
Story Editor Westbrook Claridge
Alfonse M. Ruggiero Jr.
Set Decorator Greg Garrison
Costume Supervisors Barbara Lee Maccarone
John Casey
Second Unit Director
Aerial Coordinator
David Jones
Stunt Coordinator Ron Stein
Casting Joe Reich, C.S.A.
Jan-Michael VincentStringfellow Hawke
Ernest BorgnineDominic Santini
Alex CordMichael Coldsmith-Briggs III
Jean Bruce-ScottCaitlin O'Shannessy
Anne LockhartDet. Sergeant Anne Brannen
Len BirmanKenneth Langhorn
James IngersollSam Kowal
Lou FelderGeorge Dent
Eve McVeaghAnnie
Danny DaytonSam The Counterman
Johnny HaymerLeon
Tony EpperRayco
Roger RoseDelivery boy
Timothy J. CuttOfficer
Kari LloydModel
Dean WeinStark



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