Sam the Counterman
Runs a food truck at Van Nuys Airport
Sam the counterman-random target
Danny Dayton as Sam the counterman on the left selling Dominic a sandwich.
First appearance Random Target (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance.
Portrayed by Danny Dayton
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender Male
Occupation Food truck operator
Title *
Status not known
Nationality American

Sam the counterman is character who makes a brief one time appearance in the Season 2 episode titled "Random Target".


Sam owns a food truck which serves Van Nuys Airport. During the episode, Dominic orders a "salami quattro provolone" sandwich on Italian bread from him. Shortly after beginning to eat the sandwich, Dominic discovers that the Santini Air office is on fire.

Portrayed By

Samis billed as "Sam the counterman" in the closing credits. He is played by Danny Dayton[1].


  1. Imdb entry for Danny Dayton

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