Aide to Archangel
File:Samantha 1-half pint.jpg
Christie Claridge as Samantha.
First appearance Half-Pint (episode)
Last appearance *Discovery (episode)
Portrayed by Christie Claridge
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender Female
Occupation F.I.R.M. employee
Title Aide
Status ?
Nationality American

Samantha is the name of an aide to Archangel who makes two appearances in Season 3, during the episodes Half-Pint (episode) and Discovery (episode).


Samantha first appears in Half-Pint (episode). Coldly efficient, and with piercing blue eyes, she doesn't get many lines to speak but she does exhibit that Radar-like characteristic of always being able to know what her boss wants before he asks for it. So when Archangel calls for her, she is right there behind him. When he asks for a file, she has it right in her hands.


Portrayed By

Samantha is played by Christie Claridge.[1]


  1. IMDB entry for Christie Claridge

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