Sergeant Diaz
Sergeant in the Cuban Army
Diaz-mad over miami
Sgt. Diaz (left) with Colonel Fernandez in Mad Over Miami (episode)
First appearance Mad Over Miami (episode)
Last appearance n/a. Single appearance.
Portrayed by Javier Grajeda
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender male
Occupation soldier
Title Sergeant Third Class
Status not known
Nationality Cuban

Sergeant Diaz is a character who makes a one-time appearance in the Season 1 episode titled "Mad Over Miami".


Sergeant Diaz is Colonel Fernandez's subordinate. During the ransom operation where Fernandez is planning to exchange political prisoners Ramon Collarzo and Father Gomez for two million dollars, Diaz acts as his deputy, relaying his commands and offering advice.

During the episode, Diaz is seen with two yellow stripes on his epaulettes, indicating that he is a Sargento de Tercera or Sergeant third Class. The letters FAR are also seen, and stand for Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias -- the Revolutionary Armed Forces (of Cuba). He carries a Valmet M71S.

Portrayed By

Sergeant Diaz is played by Javier Grajeda[1] He also played Coogan in Season 2 The Hunted (episode).


  1. IMDB entry for Javier Grajeda.

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