Production Information

Episode 1-2
Broadcast & Theater Title Airwolf
Production Number 58201
Video & Syndication Title Shadow of the Hawke
Production Numbers 58275 (part 1)

58276 (part 2)

Season 1
Season Episodes 1-2
First-Run Airdate 1/22/1984
Director Donald P. Bellisario
Producer Alan J. Levi
Screenplay Donald P. Bellisario
Director of Photography Howard Schwartz, ASC
Production Designer Charles R. Davis
Editors Leon Ortiz-Gil, ACE

Bill Luciano
Carl A. Kress

Music Sylvester Levay
Associate Producer John David
Sound Don Sharpless
Sound Editor Sam Shaw
Music Editor Gene L. Gillette
Production Manager Mitchell L. Gamson
1st AD Thomas J. Blank
2nd AD Ryan Gordon
Set Decorator Richard B. Goddard
Costume Designer Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Costume Supervisors Rudy Garcia

Barbara Lee Maccarone

Make-Up Darrell McIntyre
Hairstylist Sandra Henderson
Choreography Helene Phillips
Assistant to the

Executive Producer

Carol Gillson
Second Unit Director/

Aerial Coordinator

David Jones[2]
Stunt Coordinator Ron Stein
Casting Donna Dockstader
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Deborah Pratt Marella (Archangel's Aide)
Belinda Bauer Gabrielle (Archangel's Aide)
David Hemmings Dr. Charles Henry Moffett
Frank Annese Major Mustafa Ben-Kamal
Eugene Roche Senator William Dietz
W.K. Stratton Chuck, Engineer
Dean Wein Mark, Co-Pilot
John Calvin Blaze
Helene Phillips Angela
Tina Chen Faye
Herbert Jefferson, Jr. Carrier Captain
Phillip Bruns Mitch, Director
Dee Dee Rescher Mona Khan, Reporter
Nick Faltas Libyan Officer #1
Steven Greenstein Libyan Controller
Gary Epper Controller - Red Star
Dan Woren Army Lieutenant - Red Star
Toby Norton Radar Operator - Enterprise
Paul LaGreca Arab Boy

Music [3]



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