Saint John Hawke
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First appearance Echoes From The Past (episode)
Last appearance HX-1 (episode) -
Portrayed by Christopher Connelly
Nickname(s) St John
Aliases *
Gender Male
Occupation spies
Title status = *
Status {{{status}}}
Nationality United States

Saint John Hawke
Airwolf Flight Crew
Barry Van Dyke via imbd
First appearance Blackjack (episode)
Last appearance Welcome to Paradise (episode)
Portrayed by Barry Van Dyke
Nickname(s) *
Aliases *
Gender Male
Occupation *
Title *
Status *
Nationality {{{nationality}}}

Season One & Two

Dapper Man


Season Four

Barry Van Dyke St. John Hawke [3]


  1. [1]
  3. Barry Van Dyke via imbd

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