Involvement with Airwolf

As he was one of the test pilots, Hawke was initially the only one who knew how to fly Airwolf after Moffett's death in 1984.


Stringfellow Hawke


  • He has a collection of art that his grandfather collected. [1]
  • Hawke was a chopper pilot in the Vietnam War along with his brother St. John Hawke, who later went MIA.
  • He only agreed to return Airwolf to the F.I.R.M., a top secret branch of the CIA, whenever they found St.John.
  • In exchange, Hawke agreed to fly missions urgent to national security for the F.I.R.M., whose deputy director, Michael Coldsmith-Briggs III, Codename: "Archangel", provided logistical support for several of Hawke's missions in Airwolf .



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