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Airwolf - To Snare A Wolf07:10

Airwolf - To Snare A Wolf




A ruthless government operator, who will stop at nothing to capture Airwolf for his department, plots a massive high intensity satellite survey D.G. Bogard, the government agent, is positive that the satellite survey will unearth Airwolf’s hiding place. He is determined to find the super copter at any cost. Hawke realizes that to prevent this, he would have to plan an all-out defense. While on a flying mission in bad weather, Dominic picks up Antonia "Tony" Donatelli, a lady pilot whose small plane became disabled. He really does not want to be held up by her, and he is suspicious of her being out there in such an isolated area but he agrees to give her a lift. In the meantime, Hawke has taken Airwolf to a new hiding place. The Boneyard [1] He is also suspicious of Toni but he and Dominic agree to help the lady and her plane off the ground. When Hawke and Dominic pay her a visit at the ranch where she says she is writing a book, she admits that she has been trying to get in touch with Dominic because she wants to work for Santini Air. Then Bogard comes to Hawke's cabin and threatens to blow him and Airwolf up if Hawke does not surrender the chopper. But Hawke is not ready to give up Airwolf -- not without a fight. [2]


Aerial Boneyard at Mojave Air and Space Port [3]


This episode features a briefing from File A56-7W - [1] just after the beginning credits



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